Ogden, Utah, Probate and Estate Administration Lawyers

In many cases, probate is necessary to settle a deceased person’s affairs and pass property to beneficiaries. The process involves inventorying, gathering and valuing estate assets, giving notice to creditors, settling creditor claims, filing tax returns, paying any applicable income or estate taxes, and transferring assets to beneficiaries named in the will or as directed by Utah probate law. The probate process can be complicated, but its goal is to ensure that the final wishes of the decedent are followed.

Probate in Utah can generally be conducted formally or informally. Farr Kaufman’s attorneys are experienced in both formal and informal probate proceedings. The firm can advise the personal representative (sometimes called “executor”) on the performance of these important legal responsibilities.

Should beneficiaries or other interested parties contest the will, or dispute the personal representative’s actions in administering the estate, the firm can represent any party in negotiation or in probate actions. The firm can also assist with creditor claims against estates in probate.

The probate process can be complex and time consuming. The attorneys of Farr Kaufman are available to work on behalf of the estate, the personal representative or any party with interest in a Utah estate, such as those outside of Utah who have real estate or other estate assets in Utah.  With extensive experience handling wills, trusts, estate planning and probate, the attorneys of Farr Kaufman can bring the process to a close in an efficient and cost-effective manner. To discuss your situation with an attorney, contact Farr Kaufman to schedule an appointment.