Committed to Finding the Best Resolution to Estate Disputes

Estate disputes are emotionally charged, difficult situations. In those situations, it is imperative to have an advocate well-versed in the law and able to work through complex family dynamics. Indeed, wills or trusts are often contested by family members who feel left out or received less than they expected. When significant assets are involved, family members sometimes become involved in accusations of undue influence or incompetence, leading to contested will disputes or lawsuits.

The attorneys of Farr Kaufman have extensive experience resolving estate disputes relating to contested wills and the administration of estates and trust distributions.  The firm handles all aspects of trust & estate litigation for plaintiffs and defendants. Typical cases may involve:

  • Undue influence over an estate holder
  • Trustee negligence, breach of fiduciary duty
  • Improper estate administration
  • Will executor negligence or mismanagement
  • Will contests

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