Effective Estate Planning

The estate planning lawyers of Farr Kaufman work to protect the assets their clients have worked a lifetime to accumulate. They tell clients directly whether or not they need a trust, which type of trust best suits their needs, or whether a simple will is sufficient.

To properly draft a will or prepare a trust requires more than just filling out forms. Experienced estate planning attorneys discuss a client’s needs and goals, describe their options and give them the information they need to make informed decisions about what will happen to their assets and who will care for their children after they are gone.

By carefully preparing the appropriate estate planning instruments, the attorneys are able to minimize the estate taxes their clients’ heirs or other beneficiaries will pay and protect their estates from a potential will contest or trust dispute.

Farr Kaufman handles the following matters related to estate planning:

If you do not have an estate plan or if it has been many years since your plan has been reviewed and updated, it is important to contact a law firm that can offer efficient, professional and cost-effective advice. Contact Farr Kaufman in Ogden to schedule a consultation with an experienced estate planning attorney.