Northern Utah Adoption Attorneys

There are two basic types of adoption: agency adoption and private adoption. The process is sometimes a long and tedious combination of paperwork and interviews. Agencies are under great pressure to provide the very best parents for these children. There may be a long waiting list. The private adoption generally bypasses the agency, and may help avoid the long waiting period.  The family law attorneys at Farr Kaufman can assist both prospective parents and the biological parents in wading through the intricacies of the adoption process.

Adoption Process

Before a prospective parent begins the process of adoption, he or she will need to decide, among other things, whether the child’s age or race is important, and whether to go through an adoption agency or an attorney.

Once committed to adopting, a prospective parent will likely undergo a background check, which is also known as a home study report. This usually entails meeting with a social worker, getting medical clearance, getting checks on any criminal records, and providing letters of reference and a financial statement. Prior to an infant or child being placed in the home, the birth parents will sign a consent form. After the child is placed in the home, a petition of adoption is filed in the court.

Using an Attorney

There are many questions that need to be covered in an adoption. Will the prospective parent(s) have an ongoing relationship with the birth parent(s)? What if one of the birth parents changes his or her mind and wants the child back? These are just two of the reasons why it is important to have an attorney who is familiar with adoption law handle your adoption.

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