Establishing Custody and Visitation

If a couple seeking divorce have children that were born during the marriage, the parties will need to address custody and visitation.  If the parties cannot reach an agreement as to custody and visitation, the courts will make the decision for them. On occasion, the courts will request a custody evaluator to prepare a report that will assist in determining the issues of visitation and custody. The court always makes decisions based upon the best interests of the child.

Visitation rights are decided upon according to the needs of the child and the desires of the parents. It must be determined if the visits are to be supervised or restricted in any way.  If there are no restrictions necessary, then a visitation schedule needs to be established. Either the parents or the courts must decide on a schedule that is fair for both the parents and the child, including outlines for phone calls, weekend visits, and holidays. Transportation arrangements and travel notices are further issues that must be discussed. The visitation rights of grandparents and step parents must also be addressed.

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