The term “guardian” generally refers to a person who is appointed by a court to be responsible for the health, nutrition, education, residence and personal care of another human being.  In limited situations, a guardian may also be a person nominated by a parent to care for their child.  The person for whom the guardian is appointed is called the “ward,” who may be a minor or an incapacitated adult.

Obtaining and administrating a court-appointed guardianship of a minor or of an adult who can no longer tend to their own affairs is not as simple as it may sound. The experienced and knowledgeable Ogden attorneys at Farr, Kaufman, Nichols, Olds, Kaufman & Rasmussen are well versed in Utah guardianship laws, giving them the ability to tackle your case from all possible angles.

Regardless of the particular situation, the responsibility of taking over the affairs and health of another human being should never be taken lightly. All relevant facts and Utah guardianship laws should be carefully weighed prior to making the commitment of requesting or becoming a guardian.

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