A paternity suit is often filed by a mother to establish fatherhood and child support for a child born outside of marriage.  A paternity lawsuit may also be filed by a father for such a child to establish parent-time (visitation) if the mother refuses to let the father see the child.  Regardless of your position, it is important to work with knowledgeable paternity attorneys in order to equip yourself with the best resources available.  The Ogden attorneys at Farr, Kaufman, Nichols, Olds, Kaufman and Rasmussen have been successfully pursuing and defending paternity rights in Ogden since 1979.

From confirming paternity, to establishing financial support, to setting up custody arrangements, we will guide you through all phases of the process that apply to your particular paternity suit.  Our Ogden paternity attorneys possess the education, skill level and resources to leverage all pertinent information in your favor.  Whether you are the mother who needs more financial support for your child, or the father who desires to spend more time with your child, we will help ensure that your paternity rights are protected.

Fight for the best arrangement for your family.  Contact us today to schedule your consultation.