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If you have been injured as a result of another’s negligence, whether the injury involves a car accident, a motorcycle accident, or a wrongful death, settling your claim can be complicated, and you are well advised to consult an attorney. Even modest settlements can be tricky.  If there were injuries to minors, special rules apply, and a settlement will probably require court approval.

Settlements are almost always final.  Releases drafted by insurance company lawyers are written to protect the insurance company, and the person it insures, from any further exposure on the claim.  Before signing away any rights, consult with an experienced personal injury attorney at Farr Kaufman.  The key to knowing what your claim is worth, is knowing how similar cases have been settled, arbitrated, or tried in court. Insurance companies have the power that you, as the claimant, do not. This can place you at a disadvantage when it comes to negotiating a fair settlement on your own.  Having Farr Kaufman on your side levels the playing field.

The insurance adjuster’s job is to represent the insurance company and it’s insured.  The adjuster’s goal is to save the insurance company money, while fulfilling its obligations to the person they represent, the person who caused the accident.  Farr Kaufman’s personal injury attorneys have access to the same verdict and settlement reports as the insurance company, and can therefore help you make better informed decisions during settlement negotiations.

Experience and reputation are key factors you should consider in choosing the right personal injury attorney.  The lawyer you choose should have the specific kind of experience required to handle your case, and a reputation of success.  Farr Kaufman’s attorneys have over 170 years of collective legal experience handling all types of personal injury lawsuits, and have resolved millions of dollars worth of personal injury claims.

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