Examining Options, Protecting Property Rights

For real estate owners faced with condemnation of their property, often referred to as eminent domain, the key factor often comes down to understanding their options.

Generally, a municipal or county government has the legal authority to condemn property and promote its development and use for the public good, so long as it justly compensates the property owner. Often, the only legal issue left on the table for the property owner faced with condemnation is the fair valuation of the property.

However, the attorneys of Farr Kaufman, in Ogden, understand that a property owner faced with condemnation may be concerned about more than just receiving compensation, and are committed to advising clients regarding, and litigating if necessary, all viable options to protecting property.

Committed to Protecting Clients’ Rights and Interests

Farr Kaufman is recognized as a prominent real estate litigation law firm that represents the needs of property owners in all eminent domain issues including property valuation and condemnation. The firm advises both large land owners and individual homeowners facing eminent domain actions.

The firm’s attorneys are skilled at building consensus and resolving issues outside of court, whether through negotiation or alternative dispute resolution with a neutral third party. If litigation is the only viable option, however, clients can depend on the firm’s experienced trial lawyers to help them achieve a positive outcome.

To discuss issues relating to eminent domain, please contact Farr Kaufman and schedule a consultation.